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Rapid Bay Jetty

After diving at Bluff Reserve to see the leafy sea dragons, we drove across the Fleurieu Peninsular to our second dive site, Rapid Bay Jetty. I was really excited about this dive as I have never dived a jetty before and love seeing interesting structures underwater. The day was stunning


As well as visiting Greece, I also spent time in Croatia which abounded in natural beauty. The second and third images are of the famous Blue Hole near the island of Vis – you almost need to wear sunnies as the water glows so brightly with the most incredible fluorescent

Nudis Nudis everywhere

I’m glad to say my one and only New Year’s resolution is going quite well 🙂 I have found some beautiful nudibranchs the last few times I have been diving – all of these little gems were found off North Stradbroke Island. It is amazing what you can find when

2014 – The Year of the Nudibranch

The only resolution I will make this new year is to try and find as many nudis as I can – yes I am well and truly obsessed! These little bursts of colour are so exciting to find and are fantastic for practising macro photography – the first four images

Jewels of the sea

I have an embarrassing confession to make (yes another one). Following some recent dives on the Sunshine Coast, I have become a nudi-nerd. It has taken a few years and many dives for this to happen, and I cannot even begin to describe the thrill and excitement of googling ‘white and black nudibranch’ to find

Let there be light

The final days of winter have been somewhat fab here in south-east Queensland, and last weekend was no exception with glassy flat seas and hot hot sun! Which made for perfect dive conditions so I took the opportunity to jump in and try out my new strobe light! After spending