Let there be light

The final days of winter have been somewhat fab here in south-east Queensland, and last weekend was no exception with glassy flat seas and hot hot sun! Which made for perfect dive conditions so I took the opportunity to jump in and try out my new strobe light! After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out how to assemble and use it (technology is not my strong point!), I was very happy with the results – I am now seeing colours I never saw before! Red is the first colour to disappear underwater, so I got quite a surprise with the Vermillion seastar below when I saw it on my camera – he looked slightly grey during the dive!


A couple of nudibranchs with an Indian seastar:


To give an idea of what a difference the strobe light makes, both these photos were taken in around 16-17m of slightly murky water – the photo on the left is without light, the photo on the right is with the strobe. strobe_comparision

I'd love to know what you think!