Rapid Bay Jetty

After diving at Bluff Reserve to see the leafy sea dragons, we drove across the Fleurieu Peninsular to our second dive site, Rapid Bay Jetty.

I was really excited about this dive as I have never dived a jetty before and love seeing interesting structures underwater. The day was stunning and the sea was like glass.

We geared up in the carpark, and walked a short distance along the newer part of the jetty before jumping in to start our dive. We swam along underneath the older part of the jetty.

The marine life was fantastic, and there were huge schools of fish circling around – I had to keep remembering to stop looking at the fish and look up to admire the jetty and the wonderful clear water.

Best of all I saw a new nudibranch I hadn’t seen before –Ceratosoma brevicaudatum which is found in southern waters.

Rapid Bay Jetty landscape blue sky

underwater Rapid Bay Jetty sunlight

underwater tunicate Rapid Bay Jetty

underwater Rapid Bay Jetty diver sunlight

school of fish underwater Rapid Bay Jetty

Ceratosoma brevicaudatum – easy to spot with such bright colours!Ceratosoma_brevicaudatum Rapid Bay Jetty


  1. Hamster Patrol says:

    Very awesome…these are the first seriously good underwater pictures I’ve seen on wordpress.

  2. […] I have now ‘upgraded’ to a mirrorless camera system for my underwater adventures, and I can say I am very happy with this set-up which I used for the first time late last year exploring South Australia (see Leafy Sea Dragons and Rapid Bay Jetty). […]

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