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Psychedelic Straddie

I LOVE using film and I especially love trying out new films! I recently discovered Psychedelic Blues 400 Colour Negative film #2 and decided to try it out while on a weekend break to North Stradbroke Island. There is nothing quite like the anticipation and excitement when you collect a


About 15 years ago my travel bug started, and with it the desire to take photographs. At that time the best choice for photography was an SLR film camera, and I learnt about things like aperture and shutter speed by using slide film. It was not so expensive then! My introduction


As well as visiting Greece, I also spent time in Croatia which abounded in natural beauty. The second and third images are of the famous Blue Hole near the island of Vis – you almost need to wear sunnies as the water glows so brightly with the most incredible fluorescent


In October last year I was lucky enough to travel to Greece and experience the famous clear waters of the Aegean Sea first hand. I was not disappointed! A palette of blue, green and white withs hints of gold filled my vision both above and below the water.

And so this is Christmas….

and I’m at home on the Sunshine Coast for a week of fun in the sun! A surf lesson tomorrow with my brother and sister, and hopefully a dive later in the week. It is really humid at the moment so there is no better place to be then in

Can you hear the ocean?

I haven’t had much chance to blog lately as I’ve been playing tour guide for my cousin who is visiting from Germany – lots of beach trips so hopefully some good photos to come! However I just picked up my film from my recent trip to Lady Elliot Island and