Jewels of the sea

I have an embarrassing confession to make (yes another one). Following some recent dives on the Sunshine Coast, I have become a nudi-nerd. It has taken a few years and many dives for this to happen, and I cannot even begin to describe the thrill and excitement of googling ‘white and black nudibranch’ to find out what species I saw (turns out they are all incredibly common!). Now all I want to do is find more nudibranchs! Uh oh!





5 Replies to “Jewels of the sea”

  1. These are really lovely photographs of great animals! Hope you post more!

  2. KerryW says:

    I can see why Anna. They are amazing and so many variances in colours, patterning and even textures! The colours are so vibrant too.

  3. […] I will make this new year is to try and find as many nudis as I can – yes I am well and truly obsessed! These little bursts of colour are so exciting to find and are fantastic for practising macro […]

  4. […] fluorescent blue! And of course I could not help but find a Croatian nudibranch 🙂 for any other nudi-nerds out there, it is Hypselodoris […]

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