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five reasons to visit Lady Elliot Island in winter

Yes it’s currently winter in Australia, and while those of you from actual cold places might laugh at the number of people in Brisbane wearing scarves on a 20 degree day, the last thing many of us here would be thinking about is going somewhere not too far from home


I’m always really fascinated by what influences artists/photographers, and I love reading about the stories behind the images as they offer an insight into the creative process for that particular artist. Over the next couple of posts I thought I’d discuss my main motivations for taking photos. First up is

What a lady 

After a much too long five year hiatus, I finally got to revisit one of the most wonderful places- Lady Elliot Island. My previous trip was in spring, this time I experienced the island in all her winter glory. Just as beautiful as ever, Lady Elliot is truly a coral

Moving pictures

I made this video awhile ago – it’s actually my first ever video attempt! I made it for my friend Lenore and I to remember the fun time we had at Lady Elliot Island- all of the snorkelling, diving, wildlife, and sunset cocktails! Hence it is quite long at 18

Risky business

I never truly appreciated the design perfection and vivid colours of sea urchins until recently, when I had a chance to get up close while reef walking on Lady Elliot Island. These photos were taken with an INON macro lens and the last two are cropped images of larger photos.

Deep Sea Baby

It’s Winter time here in Brisbane, which is a difficult time of year for those of us accustomed to more balmy conditions. I start shivering when it is less than 20 degrees (yes, centigrade!). It does however bring two magical things to this part of Australia – clear seas and


My blog is somewhat neglected lately, seeing as work currently = crazy! I am getting lots of ideas for photos and future holiday destinations though – has anyone been to the Solomons? What did you think? Here are some lomo-ish fish, see my previous post for more groovy fish pics!

Great Barrier Reef in danger

I love the reef. I love the fact that only hours from Brisbane I can be snorkelling an underwater wonderland of bright jewel colours, clear waters, and fish in their thousands. Unfortunately all of this is under threat due to a massive amount of development proposed along the Queensland coast

Flamenco Fish

This is an amazing big parrotfish I saw when snorkelling on Agincourt Reef late last year. He (I’m assuming it was a he) spent alot of time in a little cave amongst the coral wriggling around and gaping at me. What was most fascinating was that he had a remora

Shades of blue

The last couple of weeks have been steamy hot here in Brisbane, so finding ways to cool down is important. These bright turquoise and aqua photos from amazing Queensland locations should inspire that refreshed feeling!