Great Barrier Reef in danger

I love the reef. I love the fact that only hours from Brisbane I can be snorkelling an underwater wonderland of bright jewel colours, clear waters, and fish in their thousands.

Unfortunately all of this is under threat due to a massive amount of development proposed along the Queensland coast – with known impacts likely to seriously degrade the Great Barrier Reef. UNESCO has recently advised that the Great Barrier Reef may soon receive the listing of ‘World Heritage in Danger’.

If you are as concerned as myself, I encourage you to let the Queensland Government know! For more details check out Fight for the Reef.




5 Replies to “Great Barrier Reef in danger”

  1. aycorundum says:

    Nice post! I would love to work in coastal conservation!

  2. Kerry W says:

    Thanks Anna. Have signed up and shared this on FB, as I have friends interested in conservation and marine conservation. 🙂

  3. Kerry W says:

    Great photos BTW. 😉

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