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Electric blue

Did I mention how much I like giant clams? They make great photography subjects as they don’t move (!), only shutting slightly if your shadow passes over them. Giant clams are unique in that every individual has its own colour patterns – like human finger prints. These are my two

Destination Report: Lady Elliot Island

From the moment I caught a glimpse of the turquoise waters and white sand I knew it was going to be a great week! My friend and I decided to use our precious annual leave on a trip to Lady Elliot Island, which is part of the Capricorn and Bunker


At the right time of day and in shallow water, you often get rainbows forming which makes pretty and unusual photographs. This first photo is of a leopard blenny I saw while diving in the Red Sea at Dahab in Egypt. This is a giant clam I saw while snorkelling

Light as a feather

Featherstars are graceful, colourful filter feeders. Their arms curl and sway in the current, making interesting shapes. The first photo was taken on the outer Great Barrier Reef and I used a flash (so the red really showed up). The second photo is at Lady Elliot Island without a flash.

In both worlds

Half-and-half photos are so challenging! This photo was literally the third photo I took with my underwater set-up – it seems the stars aligned and the water droplets stayed away (!) and I got a photo I really love and whenever I look at it, it reminds me of how

Colours of the Reef

My first post! Most of these photos were taken while reef walking at Lady Elliot Island, in the southern Great Barrier Reef. The reef at low tide is fascinating, on first appearances it can seem brown and uninspiring, but if you take a moment to look there are many amazing