Flamenco Fish

This is an amazing big parrotfish I saw when snorkelling on Agincourt Reef late last year. He (I’m assuming it was a he) spent alot of time in a little cave amongst the coral wriggling around and gaping at me. What was most fascinating was that he had a remora attached to him, which I think was irritating him as after about ten minutes of chilling in his cave, he had a massive shaking fit and sped off with the remora firmly attached!

This is my only clear photo of him, as there were alot of sand particles in the water. Parrotfish have such vivid, beautifully coordinated colours – nature is the ultimate artist!

And here he is with the remora attached:parrotfish with remora

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  1. DCM says:

    Great photos! I really need to do some more diving.

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