New Spoonflower fabric designs

I have just added a whole lot of new fabric designs to my Spoonflower shop, 42 in fact!

Some of the fabric designs available are completely new, and some of them are new colourways of existing designs.

When you sell designs through Spoonflower, you need to get a fabric sample in order to check the colours, design placement etc. I usually get individual fabric samples as normally I only add a few new designs at a time.

With an ambitious 42 new designs this time however I went for the ‘fill-a-yard’ option where all the designs are arranged on a yard of fabric. You can select which design goes in which square.

new Spoonflower fabric designs on a fill-a-yard sample
what my fill-a-yard fabric sample looks like

If you have a coordinating colour palette and similar designs, this is a nice way to get a big piece of material that looks like patchwork. My sample is destined to become a toy blanket (my daughter grabbed it as soon as it arrived) but I’m quite happy with getting samples done this way.

Now to the designs – I have some real favourites in amongst the new colourways:

Pink Palm Leaves repeat surface pattern design, a new fabric design available on my Spoonflower shop
Palm Swirl in pink
Blue Lagoon dark plum repeat surface pattern design, a new fabric design available on my Spoonflower shop
Blue Lagoon in dark plum/pink colours
Bird of Paradiso in pink and blue

And of course there are some brand new designs in my shop, including these beauties:

Hokey Pokey – pink
Razzle Dazzle

You can see all of these designs and more in my Spoonflower shop – if you see something you love you can order it on a range of fabrics, as ready-made homewears, or as wallpaper.

Or if you are a business looking to license designs, I’d love to chat to you about how we can work together 🙂

I'd love to know what you think!