About 15 years ago my travel bug started, and with it the desire to take photographs. At that time the best choice for photography was an SLR film camera, and I learnt about things like aperture and shutter speed by using slide film. It was not so expensive then!

My introduction to the world of digital cameras only began when I wanted to capture what I saw underwater, and until recently I was using point and shoot digital cameras – a cheap option which I found great for taking hundreds of photos of fish (in the hope one of them turned out ok) but I have never been able to give up my trusty old film camera and slide film, especially for travelling and capturing images that I know I will treasure.

Even now I can look at almost every film photograph and remember the moment, while the same cannot be said for my digital images.

I have now ‘upgraded’ to a mirrorless camera system for my underwater adventures, and I can say I am very happy with this set-up which I used for the first time late last year exploring South Australia (see Leafy Sea Dragons and Rapid Bay Jetty).

I did however used an entire roll of slide film while visiting Seal Bay Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island – mostly due to my obsession with seals and the fact I was on a guided twilight walk and the seals all looked so beautiful! Here is a selection of images from that roll:

sealion beach ocean Kangaroo Island

female sealion kissing pup on beach

flock of terns flying beach

sealions sleeping on beach with ocean

And the image I love the most:

sealion pup closeup Kangaroo Island

I'd love to know what you think!

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