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What a lady 

After a much too long five year hiatus, I finally got to revisit one of the most wonderful places- Lady Elliot Island. My previous trip was in spring, this time I experienced the island in all her winter glory. Just as beautiful as ever, Lady Elliot is truly a coral

Leopards and mantas and turtles oh my!

I had one of the most fantastic morning’s diving last Friday at Julian Rocks, just off Byron Bay. Amazing visibility and leopard sharks as far as the eye could see – I was in heaven! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Threatened Species Day

Today is National Threatened Species Day in Australia, and also the day in which we are voting for who we want in the Federal Government.  Ironically on a day where we should be reminded of the unique and amazing wildlife and natural environment we have in Australia,  we may instead

Great Barrier Reef in danger

I love the reef. I love the fact that only hours from Brisbane I can be snorkelling an underwater wonderland of bright jewel colours, clear waters, and fish in their thousands. Unfortunately all of this is under threat due to a massive amount of development proposed along the Queensland coast

Happy Easter!

Instead of baby rabbits and little chicks, I thought I’d share some photos of newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles! These photos were taken last summer in Ghana, which has many long sandy beaches which are ideal turtle nesting grounds. Unfortunately however the eggs are often eaten by locals or the sand is