Colours of the Reef

My first post! Most of these photos were taken while reef walking at Lady Elliot Island, in the southern Great Barrier Reef. The reef at low tide is fascinating, on first appearances it can seem brown and uninspiring, but if you take a moment to look there are many amazing creatures to see! ps. click on any photo for a slide show!


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  1. […] This time it was like going for a gentle afternoon stroll – collect your walking stick, reef viewer, pop on your booties and off you go – meandering between the coral patches and wondering what you will see. It only takes a curious eye to discover the treasures that abound on the reef at low tide, on first appearances it can be quite brown and uninteresting, but there is so much to see. […]

  2. […] These photos were taken with an INON macro lens and the last two are cropped images of larger photos. Some of them also appeared in my very first blog post! […]

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