why I love to design patterns for swimwear

As I have been learning about pattern design and running a business, there was one activity I did that really helped me focus my art creation, marketing, and clients to approach. That activity was deciding on an industry to design for.

flatlay of artworks and inspiration for patterns for swimwear
designing with the ocean as inspiration

The industry I chose was swimwear, particularly sustainable swimwear. I have been thinking why exactly this industry appeals to me so much and why I get so much enjoyment out of designing patterns for swimwear.

swim leggings showing how I love designing patterns for swimwear
wearing my sun-safe, eco-friendly Olasol swim leggings

The first reason is quite selfish really, swimwear is one of the few items of clothing I buy new and I do a lot of swimming both at the pool and beach – so of course I want to buy swimwear with my own art!

bikini mockup of bright pattern as example of designing patterns for swimwear
a dream pair of togs!

But when I started to think about it a bit more I realised:

  • everyone should feel comfortable to go to pool or beach and so I want to create patterns that people love and make them happy to wear swimwear
  • if my art is on sunsafe swimwear I can help to encourage people to protect their skin from the sun
  • swimwear allows you to be adventurous with colour and print and have fun with what you wear
  • there are safety reasons for wearing bright colours in water – brighter colours are much more visible!
  • swimwear traditionally is made from synthetic fabrics that are not great for the environment, but there are many eco-friendly options now for swim fabric. So I hope to provide pattern designs to sustainable swimwear brands to create unique and bold swimwear that their customers will love!
photo of person in bright rash shirt showing a pattern for swimwear
having fun in my Teal Palms rashie

If you have been reading this and think oh yes I love bright fun swimwear too AND you can sew then head over to my shop page as I have a heap of designs available on eco-friendly swim fabric yay!

And if you are an eco-friendly brand looking for some fun, bright and unique pattern designs or artwork I’d really love to hear from you! I have a heap of prints ready to licence or you can get me to create your very-own super unique pattern that your customers will love!

I'd love to know what you think!

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