2023 goals and attitude!

Welcome to my 2023 business goals! I am writing this much more cautiously than I did last year, if you have read my 2022 business review you will see that I didn’t really achieve my main goals of last year.

But I still think its super important to set some goals along with actions and timeframes otherwise I find you can be trying to do a million things at once but not actually doing anything properly. There is literally so much choice when it comes to what you can do with surface pattern design and it is tempting to try and do as much as you can. I have learnt though that one or two things at a time is a much more sensible and stress-free approach!

2023 business goals for surface pattern design and illustration

So what are my main 2023 business goals?

Number one is getting more art commissions!

I had my first commissions last year and LOVED it – everything about the commission process is so much fun. I am currently working on one big illustration commission that has given me a ton of motivation to do more commissioned work. It is an incredible experience and privilege to make someone’s idea come to life. Also I finally feel justified in my many art material purchases as I can now say they are definitely for work 😂

Number two is creating some travel-inspired illustrations and patterns!

Last year we had a long-awaited trip back to Italy to see my partner’s family. We were very lucky to borrow the family’s old campervan and travel from north Italy all the way to Puglia and back. I have a list of ideas now for illustrations and patterns based on the imagery and motifs that captured the vibe of this part of the world.

One thing I have been thinking of since we got home… a prickly-pear inspired tablecloth. Yep, its the dream!

What is different about 2023?

One word… school! Yes my daughter started at school this year, which means I am suddenly having five days in a row to focus on my business! I get about 4 hours a day to work which is enough to do one or two big tasks. I have basically doubled how much time I have which is exciting!

What am I going to focus on this year?

Marketing and social media

At least one day a week will be dedicated to marketing activities – this can include anything from writing blog posts, preparing social media, drafting newsletters, and looking for opportunities to promote my work outside of social media. I feel like investing time in doing this properly is so important for my business. Like last year, I definitely want to improve my video efforts, and also grow my email list – I have some ideas for fun incentives I will try out!

iPad with repeat pattern design as example of marketing for 2023 business goals blog post
the set-up for an art reveal video

Patterns for the swimwear and activewear industry

Swimwear and activewear is still my target market, and this year I’ll try to spend time on trend research and pattern creation to suit this market. I also hope to build my email list of contacts who are looking for patterns. Ultimately I’d love to see my designs on swimwear and activewear this year! Especially as I’m due for a new pair of togs 😂

woman wearing bright patterned swimwear as example of pattern design in 2023 business goals blog post
swimwear companies where are you?

More fabric sales

I feel very lucky to have my pattern designs available with some fabulous Australian fabric companies that sell to many small businesses. It is so exciting for me when one of my pattern designs is used to create a beautiful handmade product, and I really hope to see more of my pattern designs being purchased by sewers and small businesses this year. In my marketing one of the things I will focus on is promoting that I have pattern designs available on fabrics.

stack of bright vibrant fabrics in different pattern designs as example of a goal in 2023 business goals blog post
just some of my pattern designs available on fabric

Enjoy each day

When filling in my MiGoals 2023 planner, my approach has been more about what I want each day to look like rather than all the big goals I want to achieve. Especially now I have a bit more time each week with my daughter at school, I want to do activities each week like trying a new recipe, doing some sewing, and have a fun art morning. My days also look a bit different as we got a young dog a couple of months ago, and now I am up at sunrise for a walk and also fit in another walk/dog park play after school drop off… and another walk in the late afternoon (our pup is an active breed!).

having fun at the dog beach

There you have my 2023 business goals and my approach to achieving them. I am also going to be very open-minded about what opportunities may come up this year that may lead me in another direction entirely. I’d love to know if you’d made a plan for the year and what your goals are 🙂

I'd love to know what you think!

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