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Beneath a wave – Part I

As part of my ongoing quest to get a perfect wave photo, I end up with some interesting experimental images! All of these were taken at Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island – clear turquoise waters which are a dream! The first image I am particularly proud of 🙂

Threatened Species Day

Today is National Threatened Species Day in Australia, and also the day in which we are voting for who we want in the Federal Government.  Ironically on a day where we should be reminded of the unique and amazing wildlife and natural environment we have in Australia,  we may instead

Hello Spring!

Spectacular early morning colours at Mudjimba Beach on this first day of spring!

Winter Sun

Best viewed from underwater 🙂

Deep Sea Baby

It’s Winter time here in Brisbane, which is a difficult time of year for those of us accustomed to more balmy conditions. I start shivering when it is less than 20 degrees (yes, centigrade!). It does however bring two magical things to this part of Australia – clear seas and

Water abstractions

Using water as a medium can create interesting effects..

Sea monkeys

Who isn’t crazy about dolphins? Err shameful confession time… me! I do love all living creatures but have never quite got the whole ‘dolphins are my spiritual soulmate’ thing. I’ve had some experience working with dolphins, and sure they look friendly enough and have some funky moves, but behind that

Surf’s up!

I’m happy to say I have been sticking to one of my goals for this year – to keep learning to surf! I am now the proud owner of a lovely second hand board which I tried out for the first time on the weekend – it was awesome! Here

Our home is girt by sea

Happy Australia Day everyone! A day traditionally spent at the beach, having a bbq, drinking a few cold ones and listening to the Hottest 100! Also a day to be truly thankful to live in ‘the lucky country’. Having spent time overseas in many countries, I am always so happy

Shades of blue

The last couple of weeks have been steamy hot here in Brisbane, so finding ways to cool down is important. These bright turquoise and aqua photos from amazing Queensland locations should inspire that refreshed feeling!