a newsletter!

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news – I am creating a newsletter that will be sent out every month or so!

You can sign up HERE 🙂

I’m going to write about what I’ve been up to with new designs and products, where I find inspiration, some eco-style tips, and also include some free beachy gifts like this beautiful image..

this image comes with your welcome email 🙂

Now if you get my blog posts sent by email, and you don’t want to double up with receiving blog posts AND newsletters, then you just have to unsubscribe to the blog post emails – simply open a blog post email and click unsubscribe:

I will be including links to all recent blog posts in the newsletters so you won’t miss out!

My first newsletter will come out mid-October, so please sign up HERE

Also I would love to know if there is anything you would really like me to include – comment below or email me: hello@girlandthedeepbluesea.com


I'd love to know what you think!

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