How to Beach Babymoon

As some of my blog readers know (hi mum!) a little while ago I had a baby – and so I thought I’d start to write some blog posts about how you can actually still do fun stuff like travelling and photography with a little person!

So a good starting point is BC (before child) as AC (after child) is a whole different matter! And what I think is super important – enjoying what you love the most as much as possible before a small monster arrives! In my case it is anything to do with the beach, snorkelling (no diving when pregnant!), travel and photography.

I was lucky (well determined enough) to have not one but three short beach-breaks before my due date – so here are my tips to help you plan your own ‘beach baby moon’. *disclaimer – none of them involve massages or anything baby-related. Also make sure you get the ok from your doctor before travelling while pregnant!

  • consider the timing – generally second trimester is when you feel more normal, energetic, and are not so giant that you can still move pretty easily. Third trimester things become a bit trickier but when you have a bulging belly there is nothing more enjoyable than floating in water!


  • location – you want to be somewhere where it’s not too hard to get to a hospital if needed. Also with international travel you want to check things like the presence of Zika virus – you can save those destinations for once the baby arrives! For me I decided to explore my backyard, aka locations near to Brisbane. So at around the 6 month mark I had a few days at Lady Elliot Island, then at 8 months a long weekend to North Stradbroke Island, and late 8 months a few days to Brunswick Heads in Northern New South Wales.


  • season – my travelling happened mostly through winter (ok Queensland winter but hey it can still be a bit cold!). This did not stop me from swimming and snorkelling – basically because I had separate thermal long-sleeved top and pants – which managed to stretch over the belly and kept me happy in the water! HIGHLY recommend getting separate thermal pieces if you get cold and still want to swim while preggers! You can also put a large short-sleeved wetsuit over the top for extra warmth.

Snorkelling at Lady Elliot Island in winter with my thermals and a wetsuit!


  • accomodation – for me there were just two non-negotiables for accomodation: your own bathroom (for all those hundreds of times you need to pee) and very easy walking distance to the beach! I have some ideas for holiday options at the bottom at the post that include these.


  • props – you want to spend as much time chilling on a beach as possible right? I found as I got bigger, it became more and more uncomfortable to lie like you normally would on the beach. However, a little foldable beach chair was a lifesaver – lightweight to carry but very good to sit/lean on and still be able to relax on the beach.


  • activities – do all those things you love as much as possible!! And take some time out to relax aswell. Most importantly – don’t forget your partner! Their free time/favourite activities are going to take a hit too AC so make sure your holiday includes something they will also enjoy.

    up at dawn for some beach photography


  • and finally photos – you may not feel great and think you look huge but its a great opportunity to get some nice photos of you, your belly, and your partner in a beautiful location! Take your tripod along and get creative with your shots. I quite like photos where people are just silhouettes, so I managed to get a sunrise belly picture – followed up a few months later by the same shot but this time with a baby!


Some holiday ideas for your own beach babymoon:

Lady Elliot Island

  • amazing wildlife all year round
  • wonderful and easy snorkelling and you can hire wetsuits
  • relaxed vibe
  • not too far to travel to from Brisbane
  • a real coral island
  • a range of accommodation options – make sure you book an ensuite
  • food is wonderful and more than enough variety for even the fussiest person
  • I recommend at least 2 nights, more if you can afford it

North Stradbroke Island

  • very close to Brisbane but a real escape!
  • stunning beaches, wildlife, and lots of places to explore
  • there is a range of accommodation options, I have recently discovered Anchorage on Straddie which is right on the beach and has self-contained units with a beautiful green outlook. This place is also fantastic to stay with a baby – more on that in later posts!
  • North Stradbroke Island is an easy weekend trip or longer if you want to really spoil yourself!

Brunswick Heads and Northern New South Wales

  • not too much of a drive from Brisbane, there is a range of small laidback coastal towns with some fantastic budget accommodation options.
  • For my late-pregnancy trip, we stayed in a cabin at Terrace Reserve Holiday Park in Brunswick Heads. You are right on a creek, very close walking distance to the beach and to Brunswick River, and literally right in the town with its range of awesome cafes and quirky stores. You can really just drive there and forget about the car for a few days!
  • Another great spot is Hastings Point and the surfari tents – again the location cannot be beat! It is on a creek, and across the road is the beach and a great headland with relaxing ocean views. If you are fairly self-sufficient with food you can ditch the car for a few days, otherwise its a great spot to explore nearby towns like Pottsville and Cabarita Beach.

I hope I have inspired you to take you and your belly to the beach 🙂 I’d love to know your own babymoon experiences and if you have any awesome destination suggestions!

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