Mudjimba Beach is a lovely stretch of open beach on the Sunshine Coast. It is my ‘local’ beach – the spot I visit most often and am very attached to. What I enjoy the most is that it is different every time I visit.

Mudjimba’s most iconic feature is Old Woman Island – at times silhouetted beautifully against the ocean and sky; at other times when the air is clear and the tide is out, the island appears so close you feel you can reach out and touch it.

I am told that the waters surrounding Old Woman Island are teeming with nudibranchs – I haven’t yet had a chance to dive this spot and experience what sounds like nudibranch heaven but it is on my wish list!

Another interesting feature of Mudjimba Beach are the coffee rocks – soft black volcanic rocks that are usually buried underneath the sand, but can become exposed after rough seas. They form temporary rock pools carved into surreal shapes. I once found a baby wobbegong shark in one of the pools which is definitely the best rock pool discovery I have ever made!

My ideal coastal morning involves an early walk along Mudjimba, ideally before sunrise if I can get up early enough, a few happy snaps and then depending on the sea conditions a swim either with or without my camera.

By which time I am starving and so have a delicious breakfast and hot drink at the fantastic High Tide Cafe.

beach + sunrise + saltwater + good food = one awesome start to the day!

Here are some recent photos of the many faces of Mudjimba Beach – for more images search ‘Mudjimba’ in the search box 🙂

cloudy landscape ocean Mudjimba Beach

pink sky landscape Mudjimba Beach

beach dunes landscape Mudjimba Beach

stormy sunrise landscape Mudjimba Beach

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