An afternoon at Mudjimba

I’ve just spent the long weekend up on the Sunshine Coast and visited my regular beach – Mudjimba. Weeks of rough weather have caused a lot of erosion, leaving steep sand cliffs and exposing the most coffee rock I’ve ever seen. The sea shapes the rock into the most unusual forms which makes for some fun photography!



My sister and our friend’s dog:


Bright green algae growing on the rocks:


Low tide:





5 Replies to “An afternoon at Mudjimba”

  1. Christy says:

    Such an awesome perspective!! I love it!!

  2. KerryW says:

    Wonderful rock formations Anna! I’ve just come back from Brooms Head in Northern NSW where I was captivated by them and took quite alot of different photos. I really am intrigued by them. So beautiful, and I love how water pools in them at low tide and the reflections you can see. And I’m a big fan of ‘close-up’ shots that give a slightly distorted image – I love the shot of your sister and the pooch. 🙂

    • Yes they are really cool- I like it too when shells collect in the holes – looks like miniature aquariums at low tide.
      Hope you had a great time at Brooms Head! Look forward to seeing the photos 🙂

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