The ocean is my muse. Every chance I get I’m in the water, to explore, enjoy, and experience one of life’s greatest gifts.

I’ve worked for a number of years as an ecologist in Australia and on amazing projects overseas like dolphin surveys in Egypt and caring for orphaned seals in the UK. 

I’ve been a passionate photographer for as long as I can remember, with my favourite subject being anything to do with salt water! I’m a bit obsessed with taking wave photos at sunrise!

After having my daughter in 2017, I started learning surface pattern design and now create unique pattern designs, custom illustrations, and photographic prints.

I am lucky to have found a way to combine my photography and art to express my love of the ocean and nature.

I work mainly with acrylic paints and occasionally watercolours and ink, scanning in my completed artworks then playing in Photoshop and layering my artwork and photographs to create a repeat pattern or placement print. I love to experiment with different art materials to get a particular look.

I’m influenced by abstract details in nature, bold bright colours, fun dance music, and the magical interaction between water and light. 

I created Girl and the Deep Blue Sea to allow an escape from the everyday…. a shimmering, vibrant, lush, neon-esque tropical island surrounded by crystal clear waters bursting with colour and life!