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I thought I’d save the best til last with my Solomon Island photos – this has to be the coolest giant clam I have ever seen!! I discovered this psychedelic beauty at the end of dive in quite shallow water, and luckily for me everyone waited patiently on the boat


Some of the colourful characters I met in the Solomons 🙂

Island Treasures III

Island Treasures II

Island Treasures I

Gorgeous gorgonians

Gorgonian fans were prolific in the Solomons. They are filter feeders so thrive in areas of current- which makes them a unique photography challenge! Can you see the pygmy seahorse?

Sunken Treasures

While in the Solomons I was able to dive two wrecks – one an old fishing boat – the Taiyo -which rests vertically against the reef wall, and a WWII wreck of an American P38 aircraft which lies in shallow water just short of the Seghe runway! The P38 was

2014 – The Year of the Nudibranch

The only resolution I will make this new year is to try and find as many nudis as I can – yes I am well and truly obsessed! These little bursts of colour are so exciting to find and are fantastic for practising macro photography – the first four images