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Sea monkeys

Who isn’t crazy about dolphins? Err shameful confession time… me! I do love all living creatures but have never quite got the whole ‘dolphins are my spiritual soulmate’ thing. I’ve had some experience working with dolphins, and sure they look friendly enough and have some funky moves, but behind that

Plenty more fish in the sea

One of the great things about diving and snorkelling is watching the movements and interactions of schools of fish, like flocks of birds often moving as one, or scattering in all directions if they see a threat. I love the contrast between the orange anthias and the blue background in

Lion’s roar

Lionfish are in my top three favourite fish – the other two are bird nose wrasse and coral gobies. My only photos of bird nose wrasse are of them zooming by! I also love sailfin tangs, they look like Aboriginal paintings. This picture is one of many lionfish photos I


At the right time of day and in shallow water, you often get rainbows forming which makes pretty and unusual photographs. This first photo is of a leopard blenny I saw while diving in the Red Sea at Dahab in Egypt. This is a giant clam I saw while snorkelling