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Underwater Wonders

Diving in south east Queensland always guarantees a treasure trove of aquatic delights – these photos are from recent dives to North Stradbroke Island and Cook Island, Gold Coast 🙂

Leopards and mantas and turtles oh my!

I had one of the most fantastic morning’s diving last Friday at Julian Rocks, just off Byron Bay. Amazing visibility and leopard sharks as far as the eye could see – I was in heaven! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Some of the colourful characters I met in the Solomons 🙂

Candy Stripes

Some red and white candy stripes for the festive season!

Lion’s roar

Lionfish are in my top three favourite fish – the other two are bird nose wrasse and coral gobies. My only photos of bird nose wrasse are of them zooming by! I also love sailfin tangs, they look like Aboriginal paintings. This picture is one of many lionfish photos I