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Underwater Wonders

Diving in south east Queensland always guarantees a treasure trove of aquatic delights – these photos are from recent dives to North Stradbroke Island and Cook Island, Gold Coast 🙂

* Mooloolaba Magic *

All creatures great and small

One of the tough choices you sometimes need to make while in the water is whether to put your head down and look closely for small creatures, or keep your eyes scanning the blue for something slightly larger! For me, both the tiniest of anemone shrimp and the overwhelming size


Hi everyone! Apologies for my absence – I have been on holidays to the Solomon Islands! Lots of water time and lots of photos to share – here are some to start 🙂

It’s all in the details

Some more photographs from Sunshine Coast diving on HMAS Brisbane and the reefs off Mooloolaba – so much variety!

Look but don’t touch!

Many of the beautiful varied textures and shapes to be found underwater – very tempting to touch but much safer to just look at 🙂 These photos are all from recent diving off Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.