Pet Portraits

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your pal?

My goal as an artist is to capture the joy, love, and let’s be honest, complete craziness your pet brings to your life.

I want to create an artwork that is as fabulous as your pet and will give you a lifetime of wonderful memories.

I use vibrant colours to draw your pet digitally, and then add a fun background using my skills as surface pattern designer.

The result is a stunning one-of-a-kind artwork starring your awesome pal!

How does it work?

To get your own fabulous pet portrait, simply answer the questions below and send me an email with a photo of your pet. I’ll get back to you asap with an expected completion date and if you are happy to go ahead, I’ll send the payment details and get started on creating your artwork.

I will use a photograph of your pet to draw from – these are my tips for getting a good photo of your dog:

  • take the photo after they have had their main exercise of the day but before they fall asleep, basically you want a bit alert but not hyper or too sleepy
  • use a squeaky toy, food treat, or whatever they really love and hold it near your face/phone
  • take the photo in soft natural daylight – so near a window or well lit room is ideal
  • avoid shadows across the face or harsh light on the face
  • if your dog has long fur give them a brush around the face and neck before taking the photo
  • don’t worry too much about perfect focus, aim for a happy face!

Here are some examples of good and bad photos:

As for cats, I am assuming you can get their attention with a toy near your face or phone – any tips for cat photos let me know and I’ll update this information!

Price List and Print Options

high quality digital file + small digital file suitable for social media$200
A4 fine art print + small digital file suitable for social media $250
A4 fine art print + high quality digital file + small digital file suitable for social media$280
A3 fine art print + small digital file suitable for social media$270
A3 fine art print + high quality digital file + small digital file suitable for social media$300

High quality digital files are suitable for printing whatever size you like – so this option is great if you want to print a large canvas for example, or want to get your picture printed on things like T-shirts.

For a very special keepsake that makes a statement I suggest having your artwork transformed into a fine art print.

All fine art prints are printed on high quality art paper using archival inks and include a certificate of authenticity. Prices include postage within Australia – for international orders I will give you a quote for postage.

example of a custom pet portrait in a colourful style

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my portrait?

As these are custom artworks done only by myself it depends on how many are currently booked – if there aren’t many current bookings it should take about 2 weeks from receiving your email to getting an art print delivered. I will keep this page updated with estimated times based on bookings.

*current cut-off date for orders to arrive before Christmas is Sunday 10 December 2023*

How do you choose the colours?

You can tell me if you have any favourite colours or colour preferences, otherwise I like to know a little bit about your pet and use my intuition to choose the colours I think will suit it the best. The colours will be bright unless you request something more subtle – especially if you have a really chilled or calm pet for example pastel colours or tones of the same colour may work better!

Can I choose the format ie. square, landscape, portrait?

Yes of course – just let me know in the email if you have a particular print size or layout you want.

Do you send overseas?

Yes I do – if you are ordering an art print I will confirm the shipping cost with you first. Just let me know in the email if you are outside of Australia.

Can you do more than one pet in a picture?

Definitely – the more the merrier! Each extra pet in the picture is $150.

Do you only draw dogs and cats?

I will draw ANY pet – except maybe a pet rock 🙂

Can I choose the background?

Yes – once I have drawn your pet I will send you the artwork with 3 different background options to choose from. If you are not totally in love with any of them I will send you more background options – basically the artwork won’t be finished until you are 110% happy with it!

How do I know if my pet’s photo is ok for you to use?

If you are not sure just send as many photos as you like to me and I can let you know which ones I can use!

Do you do gift certificates?

Of course -I do love a good gift certificate myself – just email me if you would like a gift certificate and I’ll send you something pretty to print out and gift!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes I sure do! If you subscribe to my newsletter you score a $20 discount on your pet portrait woo! I’ll also send special offers to my newsletter list so it’s worth signing up (cough cough hint).

How long does each drawing take?

Each drawing takes between 3-4 hours for the pet, and another hour or so to create a set of backgrounds for you to choose from.

example of a custom pet portrait in a colourful style

Ok I want a pet portrait!

Yay I’m so looking forward to drawing your lovely pet! So we can get started, just copy and paste the following questions into an email and send it along with a photo (or photos) of your pet to:

Your name:

Your pet’s name:

Tell me a bit about your pet:

Do you have any favourite colours or colour preferences?

Which print option would you like?

Do you need it by a certain date (like for a birthday)?

Anything else I should know, for example you’d like an art print posted overseas, you’d like a gift certificate, you want a picture with 10 pets (you lucky thing!).

example of a custom pet portrait in a colourful style