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Dreams within a dream

Dawn days

There is nothing better than waking up early, getting to the beach, and watching the way the light interacts with the water and landscape. These are some more photos from my visit to Hastings Point – I’m super excited about this weekend as the weather is looking fantastic for Easter


Early morning saltwater glow 🙂 Images taken at Hastings Point and Julian Rocks, northern New South Wales.

Sunken Treasures

While in the Solomons I was able to dive two wrecks – one an old fishing boat – the Taiyo -which rests vertically against the reef wall, and a WWII wreck of an American P38 aircraft which lies in shallow water just short of the Seghe runway! The P38 was

Winter Sun

Best viewed from underwater 🙂

Beautiful one day… perfect the next

These are my photos from my second early morning at Mudjimba last weekend – what a start to the day! Old Woman Island: Lots of small pumice stone washed up: Beach erosion:

A morning at Mudjimba

Lately the weather in south-east Queensland has been absolutely spectacular – stunning skyscapes, a full moon, and warm clear days. Beautiful enough to get me out of bed early and down to the beach – the reward being amazing light and lots of photo opportunities. Here are the results from

Life’s a beach

The Sunshine Coast has some amazing beaches, one of the most famous being Noosa. The calm waters and stunning beauty make it a popular destination during summer! In these photos I wanted to capture the scenery and how the endless water and sky can overwhelm and relax the senses –