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Water abstractions

Using water as a medium can create interesting effects..


Over the Easter break I took the opportunity to get some more pool and flower photographs, this time with some small daisies and cat’s whiskers. The water creates soft textures and interesting swirling effects, and I find using delicate flowers gives the nicest results. I love these two images!

Seeing double

Here are some more photographs from my flower and pool experiments. I particularly like the first one – a darker surreal stillness. I used my macro lens for the second and third photos – it is hard to know what is real and what is a reflection. Would love to

Retro fish

I’ve only recently started using digital cameras – mostly to do underwater photography. Most of my photography experience has been with film, and I definitely have a purist attitude towards my film photos – my only editing is to remove obvious dust specks, I won’t even crop! However since my



Unfortunately I didn’t go diving over the Xmas break, as the conditions weren’t great. What I did do instead was spend time in my parent’s pool… with my camera… and flowers! Here are some of the results – I will be posting more -would love to know what you think

Happy New Year!

Here are some of nature’s fireworks to celebrate the start of the new year! It is always an exciting time to reflect, make resolutions, or as I prefer find ways to enhance your life experience. For me this means to go diving more often, keep learning to surf, and find

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