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Beneath a wave Part II

Beneath a wave – Part I

As part of my ongoing quest to get a perfect wave photo, I end up with some interesting experimental images! All of these were taken at Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island – clear turquoise waters which are a dream! The first image I am particularly proud of 🙂

Water abstractions

Using water as a medium can create interesting effects..


Over the Easter break I took the opportunity to get some more pool and flower photographs, this time with some small daisies and cat’s whiskers. The water creates soft textures and interesting swirling effects, and I find using delicate flowers gives the nicest results. I love these two images!

Seeing double

Here are some more photographs from my flower and pool experiments. I particularly like the first one – a darker surreal stillness. I used my macro lens for the second and third photos – it is hard to know what is real and what is a reflection. Would love to

Retro fish

I’ve only recently started using digital cameras – mostly to do underwater photography. Most of my photography experience has been with film, and I definitely have a purist attitude towards my film photos – my only editing is to remove obvious dust specks, I won’t even crop! However since my


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